There are few things that bring people together better than some good ol’ fashion competition. I was fortunate enough to work at an elementary school located in between two other schools in the district so OF COURSE I had to invite them over to compete in Little Lake City School districts 1st basketball tournament.

Things to keep in mind: Students not playing in the games are going to become restless if they are not occupied. Having small activities for them to participate in will keep them busy and potentially out of trouble. Face painting, cheer competition, fortune teller, carnival booths, etc. are always welcomed…and they’re inexpensive to prepare. I also an a big fan of incentives so passing out raffle tickets for well behaved students is a great touch as well. Raffle tickets can be redeemed during the event by hosting a concession stand filled with toys from the 99 cents store, or after the event with a raffle.

Pro tip: If you have access to canopies bring them! All of them! We recently hosted our 3rd annual tournament and the heat was brutal! Also, these types of events are great for fundraising! Invite the school PTA or a local business that can help fund-raise (Jamba Juice or any food business with a portable food truck).
Tournament brackets for all sports can be generated for free on